Pad Print Extreme (PPE) is a contract printing company providing decorating solutions to various industries.

They serve customers in the Plastics, Injection Moulding, Metal, OEM, Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive, Cosmetics, Sporting Goods and Promotional products market. PPE have the latest, most advanced pad printing and laser technology, which gives them the ability to offer exceptionally high quality prints with color matching and 100% registration.

Pad Printing Applications

Pad printing is a unique process that transfers a 2-D image onto a 3-D object via the means of a silicone pad. Pad printing is used for printing onto difficult products/ objects in many different industries such as automotive, promotional, medical devices, toys, sports equipment and more.

The benefit of our pad printing service, is that Pad Print Extreme has absolutely NO minimums when it comes to orders.. If your client wants 1 unit decorated.. NO PROBLEM! We use superior inks and plates that give the BEST impression of your logo onto virtually ANY product. We welcome you to drop on by and come see our facility so we can show you what we have to offer!

Laser Marking

Our Laser Marking technology, offer laser cutting, etching and engraving with the ability to deliver virtually any design onto many types of product or surface.


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